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Probate House Clearance Services Call 07793 195546
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Has been working in this industry of Probate House Clearances for over 10 years working with solicitors, families to provide the best service for everyone all round at these difficult times. Over 10 years of experience I have come across the value of families possessions photos, important documents, sentimental items of value, which have been kept safely to one side and handed back to their loved ones. We are contracted to most councils for this line of work providing duty of care notes prior to unwanted goods from properties, any other items that families decide to remove will be taken to charity shops, etc. All rubbish from property will be taken to a transfer station which there it will be 98% recycled. Cost of house clearance depending on the size, property, amount of bedrooms, how much needs to be removed, garages, lofts, carpets etc.. we provide a price range quote on property when visited for a rough estimation quote use contact details below:
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