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About Us!

Landlords be aware of drug set-ups in your property
We specialize in all aspects of Rubbish Removals and have the approved relevant duty of care notes to certify.
With Cannabis cultivation set-ups you definitely need the correct waste disposal as it could be a potential hazard to citizens, the environment and there are health and safety issues involved in their disposal.
For example activated carbon filters are considered a delicate issue, as these are used in automotive paint finishing systems and should consequently be disposeed of in a special way.
Which is were our services come in, we will simply disassemble the filter. The activated carbon or carbon matt will then be divided up, then the seperated components will each be taken to the correct disposal facility
Our cannabis disposal unit will offer you an effecient, reasonably priced service with peace of mind knowing your waste is being disposed of in the correct manor.
We will:
-Make redundant any hydroponic equipment used to grow the plants
-Recycling parts where possible
-Removing cannabis plants and chemicals
-Removal of all contaminated soil
-Helping to make the environment a safer place
police need to be called before hand

Make sure to use our trusted service, call us on 07793 195546